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    Merchant Advertistment (T&C)


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    Merchant Advertistment (T&C)

    Post by Admin on Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:05 pm

    Dear Merchants,

    This forum is created and cater to our members. We hope that you can provide our members with more options and the best deals ever.

    Things to take note.

    1. Only 2 threads is allowed, additional new threads with the lastest posting date will be deleted without notice within 24 hours.

    SG MotherHood Admin/Moderators are not responsible for any loss of sales opportunity/pictures/weblink from your deleted post.

    2. Kindly ensure that your pricing is up to date to avoid any unhappiness.

    3. If possible, please kindly attached picture of items advertised.

    4.Maximum of one bump per 24 hours to bring your post up.

    5. No posting of questions, price list etc. Except at the Business Directory forum. Any posting found at other forum will be deleted without Notice. Please take note.

    6. If you are keen to become our Sponsor or Authorized Merchant, please contact nick Admin for more details.

    7. For advertising in our Business directory, kindly visit http://www.sgportal.net for more details about our pricing.

    Thanks for understanding & cooperation.

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